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Hunter Vs. Ghost (Action)

"In a medieval fantasy world, a prized monster hunter faces his hardest challenge yet!"

I really enjoyed working on this project, as it provided a fun opportunity to merge action and comedy, resulting in some exciting shots. The simple characters gave me lots of freedom to play with dynamic camera moves that I feel enhanced the sequence.


To see the animatic click here.

Lena Vs The Train Bug

"One night, something strange came out of the train..."

Horsin' Around

"Two siblings try to prove how brave they are by watching a scary movie in their creepy basement."

This project feels like a big step for me acting wise. I set out to make a simple scene where I could find moments that I could communicate through visuals and not just dialogue. I think I got there! This is also my first time doing a horror project. I love horror movies and I'd like to do more in the genre in the future!

To see the animatic click here.

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